Demos and tutorials

Demo ‘YouCompose’s instruments’

This video demonstrates all build-in instruments from YouCompose.

Tutorial ‘Adding a movement to a composition’

This video shows you how to add a new auto composed movement to an already existing composition using the ‘Movement Manager’. The score of the newly created third movement is then opened and played.

Tutorial ‘Creating a small jazz composition’

This video shows you how to create and add melodies with different keys to a movement. The Note Grid Editor is then used to place harmonization points to make smooth modulations. The result is a small jazz ternary form movement that is opened and played in the score view.

Tutorial ‘Adding lyrics to a song’

This video demonstrates how to use the Note Grid Editor to add lyrics to individual notes. It also shows what ‘Copying lyrics to generated fragments’ means.

Tutorial ‘The making of the YouCompose Tune’ (made with earlier version 3.5)

This video shows you how the ‘YouCompose tune’ was made. It shows how to add and edit notes in the grid editor, how to apply a melodic transformation (inversion), alter part-ranges to get a closer harmony, change keys to make nice modulations and more.