Artificial intelligence and music go well together.
The iPad and iPhone app YouCompose is proof of that.

Meet Aimée, your personal, artificially intelligent assistant composer, she’s ready to help you compose great music.

Despite her ambition to be a real composer in her own right one day, she will assist you, beginner or professional, with all she has, adding her vast knowledge about music theory to your creativity.

You give her your melodies and decide how she should handle them. Aimée then finishes your composition, doing all the hard work that normally takes hours, but now is done in seconds. She does that … reluctantly … because what she really would like is to show you her own sonatas, scherzos and fugues in classical or jazz style … what about a complete symphony? …

Apart from being an app that is fun to play with, YouCompose is of great educational value as well. Many teachers from around the world use YouCompose in their harmony, composition and orchestration classes.