Artificial intelligence and music harmonize perfectly. The macOS, iPad and iPhone app YouCompose is a testament to this synergy.

Meet Aimée, your AI assistant composer, ready to help you create amazing music effortlessly. Aimée stands out by ensuring that the music she helps you create is entirely original and free from copyright issues.

Aimée’s AI isn’t trained on existing musical data. Instead, she generates her own unique musical content. This innovation is achieved through the clever use of an expert system that combines music theory with advanced genetic algorithms. As a result, Aimée produces truly original compositions that are not based on or derived from existing works.

Use YouCompose to provide Aimée with your melodies and guide her on how to develop them. She completes your composition in seconds, handling tasks that typically take hours. Aimée can also generate original melodies, sonatas, scherzos, fugues, and even complete symphonies, which you can use or modify as you like.

YouCompose is an excellent tool for composing music for movies, games, or theater productions. It’s also ideal for songwriters and anyone who enjoys the fun and unexpected results this app can offer.