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I love this app!! After years of trying to understand composition technique – I have a more than patient source of examples and assistance in creating my own compositions. I have copies of this app on both my iPad and iPhone. I have tried many algorithmic composition tools over the years, YouCompose beats them all! It’s much easier to understand orchestral concepts like hocketing, I can just compose an example of a rich score to illustrate the concept based on my own melodies. The same is true of creating things for smaller jazz ensembles. Thank you.
AzeotropeETOH – ★★★★★

De loin la meilleure aide à la composition sur le marché. Une aide précieuse pour aider à solutionner un problème ou à l’aborder sous un angle différent. Cette application mérite beaucoup plus de reconnaissance, et surtout ses développeurs. C’est vraiment très intelligent.
Figkap – ★★★★★

This is a great app! A major boost to one’s creativity. I’ve been eyeing this app for a while and finally decided to check it out and i am pleasantly surprised by all the features and capabilities. It is very simple and yet gives you so much room to experiment. MIDI connectivity is great and the selection of in app instruments is great! It won’t necessarily compose for you but it will do most of the work and leaves you in control of your sketches. Great for composing something beyond the mundane. A cherry on top of your inspiration.
Hey_Andre – ★★★★★

Paul Mina – ★★★★★

Awesome !!!
LMT 70 – ★★★★★

Awesome Compositional Tool. I’m kind of a sucker for this sort of program/app, and usually I’m left disappointed when I continually take the plunge. However, with Youcompose that thankfully is not the case! This is perhaps the best app of its kind on many levels. First of all the work flow is logical in its layout and flexible also. And you can choose to direct the musical output in several ways, or if you’re feeling a bit lazy and uninspired at any particular moment, you will be pleasantly surprised with what the harmonization tool will come up with. The MIDI feature also makes this app so useful, fun and productive. Lastly, it’s a breeze to either push play and have it transmit MIDI to your DAW, or you can email the MiDI file to yourself. Oh, and it will even print out your song score! I think that’s pretty darn cool if you ask me!
1dionysus – ★★★★

A very helpful tool for composition, thoughtfully designed.
Phelan Fyne – ★★★★

Very cool. Fine grain control over what it harmonizes and edit-ability. MIDI!
TooMuchTo – ★★★★

Full of Surprises. Low Raters, I’ll deal with you later in the review… Starting with the cheerful and clever tutorial, this app surprised and delighted me. I’m not a trained composer but this app made me want to be one. I think the devs and creative minds behind this gem need to be recognized as a real rarity these days – quality for quality’s sake. Bravo!
To all the confused reviewers who want this to be better than Cubase and Sibelius combined, or the reviewer who’s big complaint was that this software couldn’t possibly be used because there’s not a $6,000 full multi-sampled orchestra included – have some perspective and recognize the cost of this app in comparison. I imagine you are the kind of person who regularly gives Uber drivers 3 stars or rarely tips more than 15% at restaurants. You understand it’s not like a movie rating, right? It’s pass/fail. After a certain number of non-5-star ratings, the app starts to suffer. Just like Uber drivers. Sorry, rant over.
djmaxwellhouse – ★★★★★

Wonderful practical tool for understanding and quickly creating rich harmony. Makes a snap out of a process that used to require an afternoon. Cannot recommend this app highly enough.
Sir Quarkalot – ★★★★★

Must have for iPad musicians.
TBPHX – ★★★★★

Even better than Intermorphic’s WOTJA!! This app clearly is impressive. What it is capable of is beyond my understanding, but I love it!! Well done team, you’ve impressed a very stubborn organist!! The fugue I generated was class-act!! Absolutely stunning. Keeps me extremely fascinated! 💯
MaximumHarp – ★★★★★

What a great creative tool. I have been looking for an app like this for a long time. Great teaching tool and is amazingly fast. Good fun as well.
leicapair – ★★★★★

Un autoarranger di tutto rispetto. Soprattutto, e finalmente, genera musica ascoltabile e utilizzabile. Quattro stelle perché non c’è limite al miglioramento, ma già così non delude il compositore in cerca di idee.
Roberto Dicorato – ★★★★

Surprisingly good! When I first saw this app, I knew it sounded cool, I just didn’t know HOW cool it would be. This is a crazy powerful app and is capable of so much.
Shadowwolf14 – ★★★★

Brilliant! It takes getting used. There is a learning curve. I understand a little about music and can read it. This app is worth the money. I recommend it if you know nothing about music but want to create. Or if you are a music looking for ideas and inspiration. I have found it useful for giving me ideas the Bridge. It is a great spring board.
Ray4Peace – ★★★★★

FINALLY!! An app that captures composition at a professional level.
Dr Deadbrain – ★★★★

Great. This brilliant app has only got better and more accessible.
Guy Funnell – ★★★★★

Songwriter’s this is great. If you are like me and write lyrics and melody at one time, you are going to love this app. So easy to use and it does harmony too. Exports to Logic lyrics and melody in a Mid file. Fantastic app. Thanks guys.Thanks for the looping! Now the app is perfect for melody and lyric writing, not to mention the fantastic harmonizing.
uncle808us – ★★★★★

There is no better app! This app deserves awards not even created yet because it is so well done. Thank you!
Scottiodo – ★★★★★

Unique incredible app. Incredible useful arranger composer idea generator. Its so cool. Warrants more and higher ratings. Love it. Keep updating please!
Andreslocousa – ★★★★★

Fabuleux! Un assistant pour tout compositeur et bien plus profond qu il n y paraît… Une merveille à un prix dérisoire, un grand merci au développeur!
Nouvelle-musique – ★★★★★

Une énorme pépite. Pour ceux qui ne maîtrisent pas assez le solfège et qui veulent tout de même jouer et écrire de la musique. Le logiciel est livré complet avec de nombreux instruments et il est riche en fonctions. Par exemple, la possibilité d’éditer un enregistrement au clavier ou midi sous forme d’une partition directement modifiable et jouable.
A mon avis, c’est un excellent assistant musical pour tous ceux qui conçoivent des jeux.
MisterJeanP – ★★★★★

Excellent. je dis bravo, on peut faire de jolis morceaux et obtenir la partition est top. FELECITATIONS!
Kilogolosc – ★★★★

Un grand bravo et merci! Gratuite aujourd’hui mais superbe et une app très facile d’utilisation, presque la perfection continuez les développeurs à faire évoluer cette app géniale et Merci!
francknumberone – ★★★★★

Epatant. Franchement pour même pas trosi euros voilà du bon boulot. Pour ceux qui veulent harmoniser à 4 voix des mélodies simples.Ca marche à 100 à l’heure et les options pourraient donner honte à des apps plus sophistiquées. Possibilité de changer les sons,de copier ,de coller d’ajuster le tempo,de visualiser la partition,de l’imprimer,de la partager via mail et Files Sharing… Bref voilà une belle application pour ceux qui n’ont pas de connaissances en harmonie et qui veulent arranger une mélodie. Bravo!
Accordion Player – ★★★★★

MUSIEDM – ★★★★

Great. Really useful, please keep up the good work.
oscar-| – ★★★★★

While I am not sure how I would use this in my teaching — I’m thinking perhaps of having students analyze the resulting works to reverse engineer how the pieces or harmonies were generated — I am very impressed with what You Compose does. In short, you can compose a melody in any of four parts, and the app will create a fairly interesting accompaniment for it in the other parts. If you would like, you can have the app generate whole “symphonies” — short movements loosely based upon traditional symphonic form, complete with computer generated themes and development. I suspect that no two symphonies generated are the same. You have the ability to copy and paste snippets or entire movements. The accompaniment generated goes well beyond the standard hymnody four part writing we learned in high school or college. Again – nicely done. One of the things I like a LOT about this app is that it is not like the multitude of apps out there that generate rock or techno or new age type music. The resulting music is the kind of music that you might hear in a chamber music recital. The sophistication for You Compose goes well beyond the aforementioned styles usually seen in the app store. After a few listenings to different arrangements and different harmonizations, the ear begins to pick up the style of this “composer,” as you might of any other composer. I have not played enough with the app or read the manual carefully enough to see what kinds of parameters I can apply to vary the style. It would be fun to tweak parameters like that if it is possible. As an aside, I’d love to compare the style of You Compose generated music and what the developer might compose on his own. Clearly the developer has a clear sense of how to work in this harmonic language, and I can’t help but think that his own composing greatly benefits from this fluency in this language. I have recommended that my wife play with this app, too. She regularly makes arrangements of pieces for her middle and high school bands, and I can imagine it helping her in a time crunch. I appreciate that the manual offers a bibliography of sources that inspired the music theory behind this app — I am familiar with all but the German Language ones. I would love to see a more detailed article about the music theory models chosen and the algorithms used in this app — perhaps in a peer reviewed journal like Computer Music Journal or Journal of Music Theory. For sure grab YouCompose if this type of thing interests you. You may find it a nice source of additional inspiration, an quick way to generate scores for chamber players, and, if nothing else, at least for the novelty of holding a decent automated composer in your hands.
NAZ Music – ★★★★★

Great Tool For Learning and Composing. YouCompose gets better and better. One of the very best apps I’ve ever purchased. MIDI out, midi file transfer, IAA and a huge variety of instruments about a surprisingly-effective harmonization engine give the app lots of practical applications in iOS music-making. Dedicated developer. Recommended.
Sir Quarkalot – ★★★★★

A stand-out app for composing on iOS devices. I am very happy with the app and the redesigned upgrade certainly makes it much, much better. Simple interface, tons of instruments and it lends itself to some neat creative uses.
Soliivan – ★★★★★

So useful! I love exporting midi to cubasis and then chopping and arranging the results, wiring it up to different synths. For straight up classical it works but it can also be a benefit for any genre which benefits from a classical basis. Such an awesome scratch pad for midi source material.
Richeroni – ★★★★★

Reviews published on websites and blogs:

An absolutely brilliant find, particularly for focusing new musicians on how to compose, harmonise, and develop more complexities to their compositions. Excellent accuracy through recording live and use of MIDI, and editing techniques.
Read the full review on – ★★★★★

Within 30 minutes of using YouCompose, I can already say it is fantastic.
@ShawnLeonhardt @PalmSounds

Should be sleeping. Playing YouCompose.
richard boardman ‏@melesmeles01

YouCompose est une application bien utile pour tout compositeur en herbe. Elle va permettre de simplifier le processus d’écriture musicale grâce à des raccourcis d’harmonisation et d’orchestration. En manque d’inspiration ou de connaissances musicales? YouCompose vous accompagne à la création.
YouCompose est disponible ici sur l’App Store
Le truc de rêve : vous entrez sur une piste la mélodie qui vous taraude sur un clavier (virtuel ou physique), et YouCompose fait le reste, harmonise, accompagne, orchestre… Un tout petit bouton magique : Harmonize.
La bête se dompte en trois minutes. Merveilleusement simple. De toute façon, l’application vous prend par la main dès le départ, via un système d’aide très bien fait.

Holy Cow!!!!  This is just amazing. If you can hear it in your head, you can make it a reality. This is just so much fun to work with! I am completly blown away. Easy interface; great harmonizing. I feel like I can really release a creative part of me that was locked up. So cool.

Real fun, kinda strange. Real fun app, sorta weird but so many good ideas from it.

Une application extraordinaire! Fantastique et surprenante! Cette application est un petit génie de la musique qui permet d’orchestrer brillamment n’importe quelle mélodie, avec un large choix d’instruments et d’ensembles. Le travail est enregistré au format PDF, et les compositions peuvent être exportées dans d’autre applications ! J’adore.

Brillant app.
Harrison Floored

Verbluffend! Dit is een hulpmiddel voor de componist en songwriter die zijn weerga niet kent: elke melodie vierstemmig uitwerken binnen een paar seconden!
Nu het nog verder ontwikkelen voor de Mac, want het blijft toch wel priegelen op de iPad en iPhone.
Otto Matiz

Outstanding App on IPad Pro.
I just discovered ver 3.6 and loaded it on my ipad pro 9.7 music dedicated iPad. I have been looking for a compositional tool like this for a long time. it is just amazing once I downloaded the manual and got into the program. I highly recommend this for all composers, beginners or advanced. The output possibilities are excellent to say the least. I also have it running on an iPad Air 1 also with ease.
Spaceman Bassman

Prima Assistentin zum Erstellen neuer Musikstücke.
Von Harmonien einfacher Melodien bis zu kompletten Symphonien mit drei oder vier Sätzen… Nichts steht mehr im Wege, ein neuer Mozart oder Tschaikowsky zu werden! Diese App unterstützt nach Kräften, egal, über welchen Grad der Vorbildung der Anwender verfügt.
Gleich nach dem ersten Start des Tools klärt eine kurze, klipp und klare Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung (engl.) darüber auf, wie eine neue Melodie einzuspielen ist. Auf „Record“ tippen und die Klaviatur bedienen, oder über ein MIDI-Keyboard, oder über einzelne Notenwerte, die in einem Gitternetz-Editor eingetragen werden, oder mit einer importierten MIDI-Datei.
Danach „Harmonize“ betätigen: Voilà! Schon („Play“-Taste) tönt es vielstimmig aus mehreren Instrumenten! Es folgen Hinweise, dass der Satz einer Symphonie aus einzelnen Fragmenten besteht, wie man einzelne Schritte rückgängig machen und einzelne Noten austauschen kann. Ein akkurater PDF-Ausdruck des kompletten Werks (Partitur) oder einzelner Stimmen ist nur noch einen Tap entfernt!
Für einen ersten Kurztest, der die aufgestaute Kreativität geradezu herausfordert, eines der mitgelieferten Demo-Stücke öffnen (besonders beeindruckend ist die Chor-Version von „God Shave The Queen“), abspielen, auf „Harmonize“ tippen, nochmal abspielen; hören, sehen und… staunen!