June 2024

Version 8.34 for macOS is out!

Now for the first time: YouCompose is on macOS!
A version of the well-known iOS app YouCompose, fully adapted to macOS, is now available in the macOS app store. The app can be installed on an Apple computer running macOS 11.0 (Big Sur) or a newer version.

Version 8.34 for iOS is out.

– The Note editor has been made a lot more user-friendly. It is now much easier to edit notes in different parts. Moving notes or copy-paste them between parts is also much easier.
– Added in Note editor: When editing multiple notes you now have a ‘note length’ slider to change the length of all selected note simultaneously.
– In Note editor: Added the possibility to move selected harmonization point(s) directly to an other CI.
– Smooth playback is now a property of a composition. This means that this can be set per composition in ‘Composition settings’.
– Added new sample composition ‘App Preview 8’
– A few small UI adjustments.
– Updated manual.
– Bug fixes.

Mar. 2024

Version 8.31 for iOS is out.

– Better iPhone user interface.
– Improved MIDI import. The order in the ‘wizard’ has changed, it makes more sense now. Added ‘Allowed tuplets’ and the ability to select and import a melody from one segment from the MIDI file.
– Added: Mixer. All audio and MIDI settings in one place.
– Redesigned the note adding process in Note Editor. The note length of the added note is now inferred from its context and the ‘Note edit panel’ will not show while adding notes, only after a tap and hold on an existing note.
– Removed some settings from ‘App settings’ because they are now in the’ Mixer’.
– Some UI streamlining.
– Added ‘Boot mode’ in app settings.
– Bug fixes.

Jan. 2024

Version 8.22 for iOS is out.

– Tuplets are now possible in Segment settings
– Added ‘In segment’ recording.
– Redesigned the virtual keyboard with ‘Keyboard setup’. This allows to select a specific midi source for recording.
– Improved quantization after recording a melody playing the virtual or an attached MIDI keyboard.
– Updated ‘Contra’ setting for AHPP when using tuplets.
– Notation should be a little better.
– Added ‘Smooth playback’ and ‘MIDI File export . Spacing repeating notes’ to App settings.
– Changed behaviour after selecting a different ‘One position is’ (1/4, 1/8 or 1/16, now called ‘Quantization’) in segment settings. Now the note values remain as they were.
– Many internal improvements, performance should be better.
– Redesigned UI for iPad mini.
– Bug fixes.

Nov. 2022

Version 7.20 is out.

This is the biggest update yet with many new features and improvements:
– You can now have from one to a maximum of fifty parts (tracks) in a movement.
– Have as many movements in a composition as you want.
– Introducing instrumentation tools with ‘Composition instructions’.
– Setting up a new composition has become a lot easier with over 85 predefined ensembles and automatic range control.
– Set advanced properties for melody generation.
– You can now set the desired number of bars for a new melody.
– Significantly faster and better harmonizations.
– Auto composition by Aimée has been completely redesigned and significantly improved. Aimée has been back to school and has gained a lot of new music-theoretical knowledge.
– Full score option to show applicable parts transposed.
– Set instrument ranges to ‘best sounding range’ automatically.
– Smooth playback.
– A3 paper size option.
– Simplified or precise notation option.
– Added ’Special effects’ options: arpeggio, chord repetition, in harmonization composition instruction.
– Many improvements to de user interface.
– Added sample composition ‘App Preview 7’.
– Updated user manual.
– Bug fixes.