Nov. 2022

Version 7.20 is out!

This is the biggest update yet with many new features and improvements:
– You can now have from one to a maximum of fifty parts (tracks) in a movement.
– Have as many movements in a composition as you want.
– Introducing instrumentation tools with ‘Composition instructions’.
– Setting up a new composition has become a lot easier with over 85 predefined ensembles and automatic range control.
– Set advanced properties for melody generation.
– You can now set the desired number of bars for a new melody.
– Significantly faster and better harmonizations.
– Auto composition by Aimée has been completely redesigned and significantly improved. Aimée has been back to school and has gained a lot of new music-theoretical knowledge.
– Full score option to show applicable parts transposed.
– Set instrument ranges to ‘best sounding range’ automatically.
– Smooth playback.
– A3 paper size option.
– Simplified or precise notation option.
– Added ’Special effects’ options: arpeggio, chord repetition, in harmonization composition instruction.
– Many improvements to de user interface.
– Added sample composition ‘App Preview 7’.
– Updated user manual.
– Bug fixes.